Wednesday, January 9, 2013

THEATER: Pull Tight Theater's "It's A Wonderful Life" (December Issue)

If you have never been to a show at the Pull-Tight Theatre in Franklin, it is a must.  The intimate atmosphere is unlike any other.  I went to my first show there a few months ago, and now I am hooked.  I love community theater, and the Pull-Tight does it very well.

I was able to go to a rehearsal of this month’s production of It’s A Wonderful Life to see a little of the performance and also get to know JT Landry.  The Brentwood resident and Belmont alum is making his debut as a producer, as he usually is an actor.  He was approached about producing by his friend, Justin McIntosh, who is directing the show.  JT loves the classic story and wanted to be a part of something really special for Christmas.  From what little I have seen, the sold-out show will be special indeed.  Fortunately, I got my tickets just in time.

Seeing a show, going to a rehearsal and just being a part of the process in general has definitely given me the acting bug.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been on stage to do anything other than sing, and I find myself really missing the acting part lately.  There are some great shows coming up this season at the Pull-Tight.  Stay tuned to see if I will be making my own debut…

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