Wednesday, January 9, 2013

MUSIC: SHAHNAZ (December Issue)

Before having children of my own, I volunteered at Franklin High School as a Young Life leader.  Within Young Life, small groups are formed, and I was blessed to lead an incredible group of girls who will always hold a very special place in my heart.  One of those girls was Meghan “Shahnaz” Kabir.  When she could get a break in her busy schedule of singing, writing, dancing and studying to graduate early, Meghan would come to our meetings and share her authentic kind spirit.  When I think of Meghan now, the word EXQUISITE comes to mind. 

Since high school, Meghan has accomplished so many amazing things and is still just getting started in what I believe will be a life long successful career.  At the age of 24, she has already had her songs on television shows such as The Hills, The City, and Victorious.  American Idol’s Chris Allen is recording one for The Biggest Loser, and she had a song recorded by Selena Gomez in the movie Ramona and Beezus.  Most recently, her song “People Like Us” was chosen to be on Kelly Clarkson’s next album and will be released sometime in January.   I’m sure there will be lots of iTunes gift cards in Christmas stockings this year so put that one on your list to download!

The “Shahnaz” in Meghan’s name comes from her father who is from Afghanistan.   She is now using that as her name and forming a brand with it.  She feels it is global like her music.  Meghan has recorded songs in Farsi, one of the languages spoken in Afghanistan, and she was nominated there for best new artist. 
In addition to writing and singing, Meghan has started a jewelry line that came about from her wanting to custom tailor pieces to her style.  She wants the jewelry to have a life of it’s own, but it is inspired by her music.  She custom designs some of the pieces with her lyrics on them. 

Meghan’s favorite lyric is “We are all misfits living in a world on fire”.  It’s about owning who you are.  Meghan came to a point in high school where she didn’t fit in anymore.  She wrote the song to unite other misfits in her situation.  She says that music is such a spiritual connection.

Meghan “Shahnaz” Kabir’s music is timeless, positive, colorful and inspiring.  She is able to paint a vibrant picture with her words, and her soulful sound can transport you to a better place.  It’s not always easy putting yourself out there, but Meghan stays authentic to who she is.  I am certainly inspired…

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