Monday, July 1, 2013

MUSIC: Nicole Witt (Summer Issue)

When discussing columns with YOUR Williamson’s “designHer”, Amy Freese, she said that I should consider a story on her dear friend Nicole Witt.  She went on to describe all of Nicole’s amazing talents and that she knew we would connect.  Amy was right.  I had the pleasure of spending some time with Nicole during the week of the CMA Fest, and she was all that Amy said she was and more.

Nicole is a lot like me with a list a mile long of all the things she has going on in her life, but we both agree that when we’re not busy, we don’t feel normal.  Songwriting, singing and playing fiddle/violin in two bands (“Mama’s Blue Dress” and “More Than Rubies”) and being a mom are just a few things on Nicole’s list.  With the support of family a friends, she keeps it all in balance, giving her the opportunity to continue to use all her many talents.  Talents that she gives all the credit to God for having, as He is the number one priority in her life.

When Nicole and I met, it was at 12th and Porter in Nashville before a “Mama’s Blue Dress” show.  I was already excited to see the group perform, but after seeing the line to get in wrapped around the corner of the building, my excitement grew.  Fortunately, YOUR Arts and Culture gal doesn’t have to wait in lines, and I got to be there during sound check for a little preview.  The vocals alone of these four female powerhouses will blow your socks off.  Add two fiddles, a guitar, an occasional mandolin and a bass drum made out of an old suitcase, and you’ve got high-energy country/bluegrass female greatness.  And the icing on the cake, literally, is a cakewalk and baked goods at every show made by a mom of one of the members.  The caramel bourbon rice crispy treat at 12th and Porter might be one of the best sweet treats I have ever had.  I don’t know much about her blue dress, but that mamma can cook!

Nicole describes her other project, “More Than Rubies”, as faith-based contemporary/folk, worship music.  Together Nicole and Christa Wells make up this duo that recently had a cd release party at the Franklin Mercantile.  Nicole flip flops between touring with Christa and MBD.  She says both tours are important to her.  MBD gets her back to her family’s bluegrass roots, while MTR fills her need to spread the Gospel.

When I asked the seven-year Brentwood resident what her favorite part of Williamson County is, Nicole replied, “The people, the schools, the teachers.  I love my neighbors and my church.”  I think we can all agree that Williamson County is the most perfect place to raise a family, while pursuing music.  With Nicole’s beautiful family by her side, this nationally touring, award winning Nashville songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is definitely the perfect example!

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