Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Deconstructed Songwriter's Night (Summer Issue)

Apart from being a wife and mom, my passion is music.  I have been singing since I could talk and feel most like myself, when I am on stage.  This passion is what has inspired me to start this section of YOUR Magazine.  There is so much incredible talent in our area, and I want to experience and share it, as much as I can.  When deciding what my first music story would be, I immediately thought of Kimbro’s Café.  In an old house on South Margin Street, Kimbro’s has become the hub of the music scene in Franklin.  Their calendar is full of great artists, but there is one night a week that, in my opinion, tops them all.  Every Tuesday around 8:00pm songwriters and friends from all walks of life gather together for the Deconstructed Free Form Songwriter’s Night.  I recently attended the songwriter’s night, and the first thing I noticed was the incredible vibe between the musicians. They seem to have made such strong connections through this shared medium that it’s become more of a weekly family reunion that no one wants to miss. 

The night started with the amazing voice of host Ben Cyllus who set the tone for the evening and encouraged anyone willing to take the stage.  I will admit, I can be quite the music snob, especially when attending this type of “free form” entertainment.  I knew that I would hear some great talent, but I was also prepared for some disappointment.  I could not have been more wrong.  Every musician I heard was unbelievable.  The vocals, the writing and the instrumentation were all a pleasant surprise.  And these performances were not products of hours of rehearsal.  Some of the musicians were introducing themselves to each other on the stage once the songs were done. 

I was impressed by so many that I heard that night, but I must mention one in particular.  A young female artist by the name of Julia Sinclair joined performers several times impromptu and wowed everyone in the room with her phenomenal ability on the bass guitar.  I did a little research on Miss Sinclair, and her melodious skills go way beyond the bass.  The list of instruments that she can play goes on and on and her voice is astonishing. The term prodigy was no doubt thrown around in her childhood years, and she is definitely on my musical radar from now on. 

There were so many others worth mentioning, but you just have to see it for yourselves.  Kimbro’s really has something special that cannot be duplicated anywhere else.  If you love music and can get away on a Tuesday night, head on down to 214 South Margin Street.  You might even see me behind the mic, and I hope I can live up to my new expectations.

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